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Wow...what was that?  Oh it was summer.  Well our first summer at Odin's is almost behind us, but we've actually been planning for Fall for a few weeks now.  We will have 2 new beers available sometime around the end of September.  More details to follow.  Also, given we are such a lean shop, we've decided to open our tasting room by appointment only starting Sept.1/10.  We will still fill growlers on a daily basis.

Ok folks...let the summer begin!  Bring on the World Cup! Like most North Americans, we are huge fans of soccer...every 4 years.  Well this is one of those years.  The Tasting Lounge will be open for business this Friday June 11/10.  Get a growler for the weekend because as every soccer fan knows, your team won't win if you're not drinking a beer when they're playing.

Good morning folks...Unfortunately, we are going to have to close the Tasting Lounge this Friday June 4th.  We have a couple of special events coming up that cannot be missed and we won't have the manpower to cover.  One of those events is Dan's wedding in Vancouver so I'm hopeful that all of you will understand.  It will be business as usual next week and apparently there's 100% chance of sun next week, which in Seattle means there's 50% of rain.

Hello folks.  We're going to open the tasting lounge on 5/28/10 only until about 5pm.  Sorry for the inconvenience, but we are dreadfully short-handed this week.  Come on down and get a growler for $10 and a refill for $8 (applies to Odin's Gift and Freya's Gold - Limited edition beers are priced separately).

Look for us at the 2010 Hop Scotch Festival at Fremont Studios April 23 & 24th! Advance tickets can be purchased here.

Our Tasting Room will be up and running this Friday March 19th, 2010 from 3:00pm-7:00pm. Please come by and taste our two beers on tap, Odin's Gift and Freya's Gold. Tasting is free and only $8.00 to fill a growler, $10.00 to take one of of ours home. Click here for the KOMO news link about the event. We are very excited to see everyone!!

We would like to formally announce that Jon Katayama has joined Odin Brewing Company as a full time team member as of today. Jon Katayama who recently abandoned pursuit of a doctorate in Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Washington in order to follow his passion for craft brewing. His roots in brewing began at Fremont's "nano-brewery" Gilligan's Brewing Company, and he couldn't be happier to continue to contribute to the northwest brewing culture. He is living the mantra..."less learnin' and more earnin'"  Welcome Jon...we're excited to have you on our team.

We have added a retailer page in order for us to communicate directly across all accounts.  If you are a retail partner or prospective retail partner, please click to the page for a very important pricing announcement.

We are up to about 12 accounts now and for that we are very grateful.  Please check out the new page which has all our current accounts and their addresses.  We're hoping for a good push into the Christmas and New Year's period.  That goes for everyone...have a safe and happy holidays however you choose to enjoy.

Hopefully you saw the blog by Geoff Kaiser from Seattle Beer News, but just in case, click here to read.

Well I may have been a little hasty in calling for test tasters in August.  It's now the middle of October and due to our natural gas not being sufficient to run our burner we are delayed until at least next week.  The good news is that I haven't pulled out ALL of my hair yet, but we are getting closer so please stay tuned.  Just a few more last minute but important details to cover.  We received our tap handles last week and I must say, they are striking.  Hopefully the bar owners and consumers of Seattle agree.  I'll post a picture of it.

Hello again.  A little longer interval between updates so sorry about that.  We are right in the thick of the construction now.  Electrical, Gas, Water all going on simultaneously.  Brian and I are going to attempt refrigeration piping on our own, so your prayers and "live sacrifices," are appreciated.  All of our paper work has been submitted to the TTB and State Liquor board so we will hopefully be approved by both by the time our construction is complete.

On the marketing side, we have finalized our brand logo which I'll post on the website today.  I have also signed off on our tap handles.  I won't reveal the design yet until Oct. 3rd when I will hopefully have a few models.  In addition, we are rapidly locking in on product concepts.  More detail in the product section.

We should be test batching in a few weeks, so don't be surprised if I call on friends and family to be tasters.

A lot of developments have happened over the past month.  I won't bore you with details like hiring an accountant, lawyer, getting the documentation prepared for federal and state liquor licensing etc...  Instead, I will thrill you with how Brian probably saved about $10,000 in about one second with some quick moves.  We had one of the tanks hitched up with the forklift and for some reason, a part of the heavy duty strap got stuck so we couldnt' moved the tank safely up or down.  We probably spent 90 minutes fiddling with this one tank and we were starting to sweat...figuratively and literally.  We decided to hook a few more straps onto the tank and cut the original strap.  In retrospect, probably not my greatest brainwave.  In any case, as soon as the first strap was cut, the tank shifted suddenly while it was suspended 10 feet in the air.  These tanks are about 1500 lbs.  I saw $10,000 about to be flushed down the drain!!!  But... "quick-hands," Taft made a bold move lowering the forks as the tank was falling off the straps so that the actual fall was from about 6 inches off the ground with no harm to floor, tank, and most importantly...humans.

As of this writing, the special concrete floor for the wet area is being formed and poured.  This will be a 3 week process in total and only after it is complete, will we be able to install any of the equipment.  This is the most frustrating part for me, because there is almost nothing we can do for a few weeks until this floor is fully cured.  I am learning patience.  Brian will be happy.

An interesting coincidence that Brian pointed out the other day...Our brewery is located in a section of Seattle called, "South Park."  Prior to joining Odin, Brian lived in Ireland in a town called, "Kilkenny."  By the way, the guy pouring our floor is named Kyle.  If there are any electricians named, "Cartman," you're hired!

I'll be in touch again in early August.  By then, I hope to have all the tanks on the floor and piped in.  Cross your fingers.

Today we will physically move our brewing equipment into what will hopefully become our permanent warehouse.  Brian the brewmaster and I will be unloading 3 full containers of tanks, filters, keg filling machine etc...over the next 36 hours.



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