Odin Brewing Company – great beer designed with great food in mind. Proudly made since 2009.

Our Story

The kitchen table is, and always has been, the center of our universe. It is the source of our inspiration, debate, learning, sustenance and of course, laughter. It was here at our kitchen table that our founder Dan Lee explained his concept to create a craft brewery focused on balanced, easy drinking ales and lagers.

Of course we wouldn’t be the family we are, if we didn’t heckle and ridicule Dan until our throats were raspy and sore. But it was at this point, when we could no longer mock or abuse, that the family sat intently and listened to his case. Eloquently stated, we quickly realized that Dan was on to something, and the focus shifted from taunting to, ‘How can we help?’

So in 2009, with his own life savings and a little financial backing from the family, Dan set about to construct his vision. By December of that same year, he was hand delivering his first keg of beer (Odin’s Gift Amber Ale) to his very first customer on Seattle's Capitol Hill. Since then, we've continued to grow and build and prosper, but always with a focus of what our family and friends would like to enjoy at their own kitchen tables.

Odin Today

Our approach to beer is not dissimilar to the well-coordinated attacks of those Norse warriors from whom we draw our inspiration. It is subtle and understated on its approach, quickly builds and consumes, then, as quickly as it came in, disappears quietly in to the distance.

We hope you come to enjoy our passion as much as we do. If you do, feel free to join us at one of our many kitchen tables in our Tap Room or take us home to enjoy at a kitchen table of your own. We look forward to seeing you.