Dan Lee

After graduating from business school, Dan started working in the marketing department of a large, iconic Canadian retail company (Canadian Tire Corp.). He soon jumped over to the supplier side working in brand management for S.C. Johnson and Son Inc., first in Toronto and then at the world HQ in Racine, WI. Dan spent almost a decade there and is where his perspectives on marketing and leadership came into focus. “If you cut me, I still bleed wax.”

From there, Dan went to work at Miller Brewing Company in Milwaukee, WI., in their new product development team. This was his first experience in the business of beer, but he was only there for just under two years before moving to Seattle, WA., to work for a company owned by Philips Electronics.

Things were humming along until the world just about ended in 2008. Dan’s job was one of the 5 million or so that evaporated seemingly overnight. He spent about 24 hours thinking about the next job he was going to apply for before he decided to create his own job. That was in the Spring of 2009 and miraculously by November of 2009, Odin Brewing Company sold its first keg.

“OK, it wasn’t quite that simple, but just like with kids, you remember mostly the good and try to forget the sleepless nights.” – Dan


Wes Peterson

Wes took a circuitous route to the business of beer. After graduating from the University of British Columbia with a BSc (genetics), he spent a number of years as a glorified lab rat working at research facilities at Stanford University Hospital and the BC Cancer Agency.

Several years of lab work later, he decided to pursue his MBA in Finance at the University of Calgary with the thought of moving in to biotech finance. This career shift to biotech was short lived though, when he took roles in finance in the airline sector with both Canadian Airlines and Air Canada. The roles would ultimately launch him in to further roles in travel with Expedia Inc, culminating in executive positions with Expedia in London, UK.

Wes left the travel sector in 2011 and moved in to consulting in the travel sector and new venture development, which included Odin Brewing. These days you will find Wes living in Kelowna with his family. He looks after Odin Brewing for the Canadian marketplace.